John Boss Consulting B.V.

So far, so good...

2016 marks five years for John Boss Consulting B.V successfully delivering assignments.

Project definition, procurement and systems delivery have remained strong common themes across many of the assignments. Delivering complex technology change in an operational environment is a commercial, operational and technical problem. It is made more complex when the facility must remain open for business. Most important is shaping a deal that the market can work with.

John Boss Consulting B.V. has been helping clients meet these challenges. Both from the strategic perspective and also from the tactical application level. This is an environment where technical documentation, schedules and contracts are more important than powerpoint slides.

The assignments have been interesting, challenging and diverse. Highlights include:
- Establishing a PPP project for a metro in Manila,
- Defining systems alignment processes for Jerusalem - Tel Aviv high speed line,
- Securing Systems Integraton for a new Terminal and Pier - Schiphol Airport Amsterdam,
- Rescuing systems projects in Amsterdam and
- Reviewing and trouble shooting complex systems projects on London Crossrail.

The best of all: the assignments have all been worth while - no reports that just clutter up the shelf but tangible results on the ground. Clients are happy - They come back.

About John

John Boss has over 35 years professional experience in developing, delivering, evaluating and rescuing technology projects. His career spans many different types of systems (incl. Train control, power, lighting, building control, SCADA, comms, P.A., fire detection, ventilation, exhaust and detection systems).

He has extensive experience with contract development & management, PPPs, ERTMS, Systems integration, project delivery, railway engineering, asset management, safety systems, procurement, risk management and transportation.

He has broad international experience having worked on projects in Denmark, the Netherlands, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Portugal, Ireland, England, Kuwait, United States, Israel, New Zealand and Australia.

John likes working with people and between disciplines. He creates the link between policy and project execution, bridging the gap between operations, commercial, engineering and delivery, and bringing a focus on performance delivery and engineering execution.

Contact details
Mobile +31 6 4555 6952