John Boss Consulting B.V.


John Boss has had extensive experience with with ATP and train control systems (of which ERTMS is one). The projects range from strategy to procurement to implementation. - This is a sample of projects related to ERTMS: .

Job/Client Description / tasks
Review of National ERTMS procurement program; Ministry of Transport, Israel

Reviewed commercial and technical documents for national roll out. Evaluated cost model. Advised MoT and Israel Rail on harmonisation of requirements definition and risk.

Steering group, Dutch national ERTMS rollout; Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands

Evaluation of deliverables. Guidance on strategic directions. Challenge of conclusions and underlying reasoning leading to strategy for national roll out of ERTMS in the Netherlands.

Gate Review, Dutch national ERTMS rollout; Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands

Evaluation of project definition (scope and finance projections) to determine readiness of project to proceed to next phase. Advice to program on approach in preparation for submission to Dutch Parliament.

Review of policy measures in incentivising ERTMS on board fitment DG MOVE (EU Directorate General Mobility), Brussels

Provided technical and contextual support for a team engaged by DG Move to determine the effectiveness in stimulating fitment of ERTMS on legacy fleets

Review of effectiveness of interoperability risk mitigation DG MOVE (EU Directorate General Mobility), Brussels

Reviewed performance of teams engaged by DG MOVE to address interoperability risks in implementation of the TSI CCS

Sydney greater metropolitan ETCS Program; RailCorp Sydney Australia

Designed the procurement strategy for the application of ETCS to the greater Sydney Metropolitan area and rolling stock fleet. Leader of the procurement team, work included specification development, Industry consultation, risk allocation and contract design.

Belgium rail network ETCS strategy review; Infrabel (Belgium)

Reviewed the structure, delivery risk, approach and budget implications of the strategy for the ETCS national roll out.

Dutch High Speed Railway; Ministry of Transport, the Netherlands Intimate involvement with the definition development and delivery of this 7bn Euro project for the Dutch Government, including program definition, contract development, tendering, commercial management of the project. Leader of commercial team for definition and implementation of rail systems contracts (including ERTMS). Program liaison with Dutch Ministry of Finance.

Dutch HSL ERTMS Upgrade; Ministry of Transport, the Netherlands

Commercial manager of upgrade from v2.2.2 to v 2.3.0d, necessary for commencement of high speed services.

ETCS Pilot plan review; Ministry of transport, Melbourne Australia

Provided second opinion on technology selection review for state rollout of train protection systems. Reviewed plans for pilot project and provided critical comment.

Copenhagen Metro Train Control System; Danish Ministry of Transport

Developed the safety accreditation and setting to work program. Leader of the ATP delivery and validation team. Provided review and direction of contractual implementation strategy in relation to civil interface management.

Hong Kong Metro; MTRC

Developed specifications and test protocols for train operations and control systems. Leader of train control rolling stock integration project. Interface management with civil contracts. Program manager for Lai King diversion works. On site liaison with contractors in France and Spain. Commissioning and setting to work manager.

Resignalling of Denmark Program; Danish Ministry of Finance

Advised on readiness of the program team and appropriateness of the procurement strategies / risk transfers for resignalling (incl. ERTMS rollout) the country of the Denmark.

Pittsburgh ATC validation; Union Switch and Signal

Leader of the Train Control system safety validation program, with the goal of achieving European certification for the American developed product line.

Portuguese High Speed Rail; Ministries of transport and Finance

Developed the performance model for the Portuguese High Speed Rail program.